Friday, February 8, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #3

I've made it to outfit #3 of my challenge! This one was pretty easy to recreate since it is so simple. Stripes, floral, jeans and boots. I've got all that! Here's the inspiration image: 
{See the pin}
I like the mixing of the stripes and floral. It helps keep it interesting. Here's my look:
You even get to see my face today :)
You'll have to excuse the terrible picture quality on this one. Here's my excuse ... hallway with dim lights, taken by a 5 year old, on my cell phone.

Are you staying inspired by Pinterest or just letting your pins sit there with no attention?

See Outfit #1 and #2


  1. you do a great job! i really love the 2nd outfit! but this one is really cool too...i need to start doing this...i have pinned so many clothes.

  2. Love the stripes and floral together!
    Found you at "Pinterest Told Me To" pippa

  3. You had me at stripes. Thanks for linkin up!!!
    Xoxo, Sheaffer


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