Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #2

Wahoo! I made it to the second day of my challenge. I successfully completed day 1's look and was happy with my results now let's see how today turns out. Here's my inspiration outfit ...
{See the pin}
I took the color ideas and did my own interpretation of this outfit. I never would've thought about putting pink and mustard together. I love my mustard skinnies but have had a tough time trying to find new ways of styling them. Without further ado ... here's my outfit!
Ta-da! Mustard skinnies from Old Navy, brown Steve Madden boots from DSW and a grey and pink striped shirt from Meijer (yep I'm classy like that). I would call today's outfit another success. Bring on #3!

Are you trying to step out of a style rut like me?


  1. never would have thought have thought to pair those colors but they are so cute together!

    Here's my outfits:

  2. I love pink and yellow together! Your brown boots look great with the rest of the outfit. I like that you used the photo as inspiration to make the look your own too :) Heather

  3. Great color combo, I also would not have ever thought of it! Cute, cute!
    Found you at "Pinterest Told Me To" pippa

  4. Love the mustard and yellow together! And I LOVE your stripes!!!! Thanks for linking up. :)
    Xoxo, Sheaffer

  5. LOVE your re-creation of Sheaffer's outfit!! I re-created one of hers, too! The pink stripes are adorable!


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