Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Live: Parenting

I feel like to really live this year I need to do some self improvement. I set a goal to read 65 books this year (am I crazy?!) so I decided to start out with some that would help improve my life and really let me live. I'm starting with Parenting.
I hate when my kids don't listen to me and I hate even more when I yell at them. So I'm currently reading Positive Discipline A-Z: 1001 Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems -- I'm hoping this will let me become a better parent especially in respects to having my kids hear me and learning how to discipline better.  

I don't want to spend the rest of my life wishing I was a better parent. I wish I would've gotten a heads up as to how hard this parenting thing really is. I thought the problems didn't come until the teenage years, but apparently a six year old and almost four year old are giving me a run for my money on this one. Hopefully I can take some of the techniques I learn and apply them to my every day life. Having a strong relationship with my kids is super important to me. By having a happy family and not feeling stressed at home when it comes to discipline will help me tremendously.

What parenting tips, tricks and secrets do you have? I know that one thing won't work for everyone and that there isn't a magic formula for being a good parent. Please don't take away from this that I think I'm a bad mom. I know I'm not. I just want to be better and less stressed. 

I'll report back when I'm done and let you know what I'm going to try and implement and if it works!

UPDATE: See what I thought of the book here!

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