Monday, January 20, 2014

Get fit check in

It's time to check in on my fit status. I'm happy to report that things are going well since my last update. I'm sticking to the Jillian Michaels DVD challenge and I'm on week 3!

Venus Trapped in Mars
For a 30 minute workout Jillian sure kicks your butt! Most workouts end with my laying on the floor wishing that I could skip the cool down and just take a nap instead. 
This is me. Dead. The photo had to b&w or you would only see my beet red face.
I keep myself entertained during the workouts by finding mistakes in the DVD. Like on the first set of strength exercises for week 3. You do 3 moves and then repeat. On the repeat you do the bear crawl, duck walk and then just as Shelly (the blonde on the right) is about to pick up her weights for the final move Ms. Jillian yells "CARDIO!" and you don't ever do the third move a second time. 
The bad thing about skipping this move is that you worked two different muscle groups on each arm so eventually you'd get lopsided if you never reversed it. I am looking forward to week 3 being over so that I can stop doing the ab hold move. I just can't figure it out and I can't get my ass up off the ground. I'm blaming it on the fact that my arms are too short and not that my ass is too big to lift up.
I've got no sunshine under my butt, sorry Jill.
I do have to say that posting my progress on IG has been a big motivator for me. You can follow along with #jmdvdchallenge

How are you fitness goals coming along for the new year? Don't tell me you've given up already!


  1. I've done JM's Six Week Six Pack before and just about died. I never made it to the second DVD... Whoops. So I fully understand your struggle. That woman is crazy...

  2. Whoa ok so that is so weird that they let that go to the final copy of the DVD with an error that big!!!! What the heck!!!

  3. Haha. I hate Jillian. Ever since I did 30-day-shred, we've had a rough relationship. :)

  4. Props to you! I never get through workout videos. It's those first few weeks that really challenge you before getting into a routine of working out everyday.

  5. Ugh.. I am MAJORLY failing in the workout department.. I need to get my butt in gear! Thanks for the motivation :)
    Nikki at


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