Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day weekend

I feel like I should join the rest of the blogging world today and post a weekend recap. So here we go!
Friday was my birthday so I got fancy and went out with my man -- we haven't had a date night in forever!
We ended up at Blue Jeans, Burgers & Beer night. Holy yum!
I did the running thing this weekend. Not the 5 miles I hoped for but my knee just couldn't handle it.
My barista was the worst speller in all the land. The sad thing was I said very clearly how to spell my name when she asked. Never knew "Allison" was so difficult.
My MIL and I put together 6 different freezer meals in under 2 hours. Most were crock pot meals, so easy!
And that about wraps it up. Looking forward to meeting my September goals and a short work week!

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