Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goals for September

  • Finalize a working budget: We've been trying really hard to get our debt and savings under control. Pay down the debt, build up the savings -- easier said than done. We took a major step in the right direction this weekend and sold our camper :( I'm really going to miss being a camping family but having that extra monthly payment wasn't a smart money choice for us and camping isn't exactly a cheap activity. We've been trying really hard to find other weekend adventures to take that don't cost a lot of money (aside from gas in our tank). We are officially in savings mode. 
  • Be active: I sit a LOT at work and on my commute. The hubby and I are looking a little lot on the fluffy side these days or as the kids call it, chubby. This has got to change. I know eating right and exercise are the keys to success. Trying to cut back on spending has meant more meals at home which usually means healthier meals. The get moving part has been the hardest. We are looking at trying out P90X but I heard I might die so I'm scared to try it. Regardless, something must happen and soon!
  • Run my first 10k: So this is sort of like the one above, but that's more of a "couple" goal and this is a an "all for me" goal. I signed up for a 10k run at the end of September. 6.2 miles is a long way! I don't think I'm going to set a time to finish by, my goal is to just finish. It will be a big accomplishment for me.
  • Try new recipes: I want to try at least 5 new recipes this upcoming month. It's time to switch up the normal routine around our house and try something new for dinner. I've got a million, ok maybe just 180+, recipe ideas pinned, time to put them to use! Plus eating at home usually means eating healthier (yeah for getting fit!) and cheaper (yeah for goal #1!). 
I think 4 goals is plenty. I don't want to overwhelm myself and I think these are all achievable. What goals to you want to achieve for September?


  1. This is awesome! I hope you finish your list! I have always wanted to do a 5K but never got the chance to. Once I have my baby and get into shape, I'm definitely going to be setting up goals like this :)

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  2. These sounds like awesome goals! I hope you get to check all of them off your list! :)
    Nikki at

  3. Four goals IS plenty! Love the recipe one - that sounds fun AND yummy! AKA, double awesome.
    And I don't know what helps you with stuff like this, but I have a fitness-type goal on my wishes this week and it helps me to use an app! That way I can track what I've done and it makes me feel more accomplished. I use the MapMyFitness ones, both Run and Ride. They're fun!


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