Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just keep running

In the words of my friend Dori -- Just keep swimming running is my new motto. My lack of motivation lately is absurd. Our "spring" weather has been really crappy this year so I've only been out for a run twice and the first one was with A so that hardly counts as a real workout. I really need to commit to getting fit (and losing a few pounds in the process) this year. My family history is full of heart disease, high blood pressure and very high cholesterol. At 26 I've already tested high (not sky high, but still high) for cholesterol. This is scary. I certainly don't want to take medicine for the rest of my life to keep that under control. My dad has taken meds for the past 15+ years to keep his under control. I don't want that to me be. I have zero self-control. Ooh chocolate! Ooh a Starbucks! Ooh let me get the nachos! I'm out of control. I need to get my life in check.

I have no time for a gym membership, nor do I see the need for a monthly membership to go running. That's why I chose to run in the first place, it's free! It only requires me, shoes and some sidewalk/road/paths which are easily accessible where I live. I've decided I want to step it up this year and run the Fort4Fitness 10k race in September. I've never done more than a 4 mile race. 5k races are my comfort zone. I can do them and still challenge myself to beat my previous time. But I wonder ... can I do more? Can I really do a 10k race? I think I can!

Here's my race plan for the year, I'll update as I sign up for more!
June 15 - Diva Dash (5k) SEE HOW I DID!
Aug. 24 - Color Me Rad (5k fun run) SEE HOW I DID!
Sept. 28 - Fort4Fitness (10k) SEE HOW I DID!
Oct. 20 - Trail Blazer (5k)

So on top of running I need a food plan. A "flab to fab" plan if you will. Not consuming 10lbs of chocolate a week might be a nice start. Or maybe I shouldn't eat nachos twice a week. My love of chocolate, cheese and Diet Coke might just be my downfall. I'm going to start by drinking more water, eating more vegetables and fruits and by eating less processed foods. I'm not a fast food fan (aside from the Diet Coke at McDonald's, I swear they put crack in there!) so that won't be hard to stay away from. I already cook with just about zero salt so that's no issue. My constant snacking and snacking on unhealthy foods is my issue. It's going to be hard change but I'm determined. I'm going to keep pinning my healthy inspirations (food and exercise) in hopes that something sticks with me!

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