Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get pin-spired outfit #2

I made it through day #1, let's keep the ball rolling with outfit number #2. You can check out all my pinned outfits here.
At the Office: light colors, add accessories {See pin}
This was a stretch for me. If I'm going to do all neutrals it's usually black and grey. Light colors just aren't my thing. But since this is a challenge, I decided to challenge myself. I don't own a plain white button down, yes I know it's a wardrobe staple but let's face it ... white and kids don't mix so I stay away from it. Here's what I came up with.
Not let me explain a couple things here. The shirt looks blue, it's actually white with a thin black pinstripe. I never wear it, ever. I don't know why, I just don't. When I put it on I asked A how I looked and she said "did you buy a new shirt?". Point taken, I don't wear this shirt yet it's still in my closet. I debated this look for quite awhile before sucking it up and deciding, "this is a challenge I'm just going to do it!" By the time I made it to work I felt confident in my choice. Pairing the khaki capris and light colored shirt with the brown belt and shoes helped to break up the outfit. This is much more summery feeling than my basic black and grey choices I usually make. Here's the side-by-side comparison.
I didn't copy what was done, but I was certainly inspired. I think this outfit turned out better than the previous. Two down, two to go!


  1. Well done! I like it. It's definitely hard to get out of a rut. I'm your next-door neighbor at the Pleated Poppy's WIWW - hello!

  2. Love you inspired look...Come stop by my trend spin linkup, the trend for this week is Chambray and this would be perfect. www.thefashioncanvas.com

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