Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

Back in August I got a little crazy in the bathroom. I decided to rip the wallpaper off the walls because it was ugly. I was so happy to see it go. But then something happened ... or didn't happen. Nothing happened to the bathroom, no paint went up, no new fixtures went in, nothing. Our main bathroom in the house has been in disrepair since August. It looked bad, like real bad. J's birthday party was the first weekend of March and that meant my Dad and Step-mom were coming to town to stay with us. Which also meant that my super-handy Dad would have to see my disaster of a bathroom. I couldn't let that happen. By the time all this sank in we had less than a week to get it together. We need to hang new wallpaper, paint the wallpaper and cabinets, replace the towel bar and add a second one, replace the toilet paper holder, get a new shower curtain and rod and do something with the medicine cabinet and the cabinet above the toilet. It was quite the task considering both DH and I work full-time and had less than a week to make it happen. We seem to work best under pressure though so we were up for the challenge. Let's start with the before pictures ...
The wallpaper was terrible. It was peely and a peach/beige that was not my style at all. The only thing I liked in the room was the shower curtain. The medicine cabinet above the vanity was bulky and old and the cabinet above the toilet was big and ugly. The dark wood matched nothing else in the whole house. It all had to go.
We tore down the wallpaper and replaced it with new paintable wallpaper with a texture. This covered many of the imperfections in the walls. We chose a dark cobalt blue for the walls and the vanity cabinets were painted white. New hardware was added in a brushed nickel. The ugly medicine cabinet was replaced with a new silver framed mirror. The cabinet above the toilet was ripped down and a new around the toilet standing cabinet was added. We did lose some storage space by taking out the medicine cabinet mirror but I love our new bigger mirror so much better that I don't even care. We previously only had one towel bar so we added another lower hanging bar for the kids and swapped in a double hanging bar for DH and me. The blue, white and brushed chrome look is perfect for our tiny bathroom. We are are all in love.

Here's the breakdown --
Mirror: Target, $30
Shower curtain: Bed, Bath & Beyond, $30
Free standing toilet cabinet: Target, $30
Wall color: Brillant Blue 
Paintable wallpaper: Menards 


  1. Great job! Love your new mirror and shower curtain! It does make all the difference!


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