Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Friday -- I'm so excited!

I'm getting excited for Christmas shopping! Yes I'm one of those crazy people who go shopping on Black Friday. It's fun and people are actually very nice for the most part. There are a few nut jobs out there that try to ruin the fun and excitement of it all but that's ok. I go shopping every year with my MIL and SIL. That means DH is left with our 2 girls plus my nephew and niece while we shop it up all night long. I actually think he enjoys watching the kids and being the "cool Dad/Uncle". Last year he set up a tent in the living room and had them all camp out, they all had a blast. Not sure what he has planned this year :)

Of course the past few days I've been scoping and for the latest releases. We usually hit up Wal-Mart (the only time during the year that I shop there), K-Mart, Target, Mendards (it's  mid-west thing) and any where else we can score some good deals. Some things aren't good deals (example: DH really wants Halo 4 for Xbox ... Wal-Mart has it for $59.96, gee thanks for saving me 4 cents off the $60 Game Stop price) but other things are great for stocking stuffers or for the kids or just general stock up. I'm already making my list for what I need to get. 

Here's a few things I'll be picking up:
LeapPad 2 (reatils around $80-$100) $20 with $12 games -- A is going to be so excited!
Kids Slippers for $3
Board Games for $3.88
Toddler Pajamas $4

Men's Fleece Hoodies $10
Women's Gloves $1
Booster seat $8

Just remember these prices are not guaranteed since they are usually leaked by various sources. Always check the Thanksgiving ads for the real prices! The other big tip is that if everything holds true from last year you can price match at Wal-Mart. This means if something is on sale (at that exact time) at Target, Sam's Club, Lowes, etc you can price match it at Wal-Mart. This will save TONS of time driving around to each place and possibly missing out on a deal. Just remember to check the ad time so if that power drill is on sale at Lowes starting at 6 a.m. don't try to buy it at Wal-Mart at 4 a.m. because they won't match the price then.


  1. Oh wow you are full throttle when it comes to Black Friday! I've never done it and I have yet to do so. It's funny because I love shopping and saving $$ but when it comes to Black Friday I just don't have any interest. Weird, huh? But hey while you're out there, grab me an $8 booster seat for my girl. tee hee. :)

  2. aiii i wish we had black firday in the UK !! I could so do with some autumn/winter clothes !!

    I am holding a giveaway worth $50 over at my blog today


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