Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Fact Is ...

Fact: I truly enjoyed my Black Friday shopping even though some things were sold out on my list.
Fact: I may be am obsessed with entering blog giveaways. I never win anything but I still keep entering!
Fact: I've got A home with me today because she's sick. At least she's just got a runny nose and fever sick and not pukey sick. I despise puke.
Fact: Trying to find a new job sucks. 
Fact: I really enjoyed having 4 days off work, but now this week of 5 days seems much more difficult and LONG.
Fact: I haven't written a blog post for so long, I feel like a slacker.


  1. haha i'm the same way about blog contests. i enter assuming that i'll never win but you never know, right?

  2. I SO loved my Black Friday too! I wish I could do it again like yesterday!


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