Thursday, October 27, 2011

The worst...

... is having a sick kid! I normally carpool to work 2 days a week (since it's just shy of 100 miles round trip) and today would've normally been one of those days. My carpool partner had parent/teacher conferences and couldn't drive with me today and thank goodness! Just as I'm ready to take my lunch break DH calls me frantically to let me know that J has been puking all morning and he can't leave work to go get her. Perfect. A sick kid, tons of work to be done and even more plans for the next few days! I guess we will spend the rest of the day deciding how sick she is, will she get A sick and who gets to stay home from work tomorrow?! I think I just convinced A & J that it was nap time so maybe I can crank some work out before they wake up. Here's to a better weekend!

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