Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Style ... or lack of

Do you ever get to the point where you don't like anything in your wardrobe? I feel like I stand at my closet and look through all my clothes and think "I have nothing to wear". I seem to wear the same thing every day to work and then on the weekends I really don't have anything that doesn't scream "MOM CLOTHES!". I need a new style, a new direction. I feel I should have this issue ... I'm young ... doesn't that mean I am in style? According to my kids I've got beautiful and fabulous clothes, but when you ask someone other than a 4 year old ... well I could use some help. I need something practical. Let's face it, I'm not about to run around chasing my kids in 4 inch heels and I'm surely not going to the grocery store looking like I'm ready for date night with my DH. I need a good balance, a comfortable yet stylish balance. Wish me luck!

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