Friday, September 16, 2016

Currently #16

loving. the sushi lunch yesterday with my old co-worker

smelling. not much, see craving below.
writing. to do lists
reading. Me Before You

watching. The Black List, but my fall shows come back next week & I couldn't be more excited!
craving. this head cold to go away
obsessing. over being able to wear boots again soon - cute ones, not s**w ones (I can't even say the "s" word)
wishing. for a cleaning fairy to come make my house spotless
needing. to refill prescriptions, oh the allergy life

wanting. another vacation

trying. to stick to my goals for September

eating. lots of one pot meals, see the ideas here
drinking. anything but a PSL, pumpkin = gross!
feeling. excited about Halloween right around the corner!
hoping. that things will slow down at work, I'm crazy busy

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