Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Maybe you've heard of this little thing that Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel put together, I read the first one and loved seeing everyone's answers so I decided to participate for round 2 of the Blogmopolitan Quiz!


  1. DARK CHOCOLATE peanut M&Ms? Why have I never eaten these?!

  2. Theme parties - what fun! You should do a Dr. Seuss theme - there are tons of snacks that go with the book titles (Pinterest). We had the same answer to the SATC question :)

  3. i love how you specified a fountain diet coke and i totally agree.

  4. You don't like bacon? Its ok. I can see how it would be an acquired taste.

  5. I am your partner for the Spring Polish I stopped by to check out your blog...I so want to do this quiz!!!! Looks like fun!!!

  6. Hi Allison!
    Cute blog you have here! I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as your newest (80th) follower - I love round numbers...I am weird like that hahaha. Hope you'll stop over and follow along with me in south FL.


    The McGuire Family

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