Friday, February 14, 2014

5 on Friday (big news!)


1 \\ It's Valentine's Day, we aren't so much hopeless romantics around our house. The last gift we can remember exchanging for the big day was as new water heater a few years back.

2 \\ I had to laugh when my Dad text me a picture of 10 inches of snow on his porch in NC. And he thought he left the bad IN weather behind when he moved. haha!

3 \\ I sent out a group text for J's 4th birthday party. I feel like such a slacker Mom for not getting invitations together in time. At least the decor will be easier to throw together. See my inspiration board.

4 \\ Speaking of number 3, how the heck did my baby get so big? I mean her 4th birthday is 2 weeks away, what?! Here's her birthday list: Barbie movies, a credit card, a real phone, some blocks to build with, new puzzles and some Dora presents. She cracks me up!

5 \\ It's last but certainly the most important for this week ... I had a great second interview on Tuesday which lead to me accepting an offer for a new job! I am beyond excited.

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