Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When changes come your way ...

Sometimes you aren't prepared for the things that happen in your life. The changes that come your way are unexpected, shocking and leave you wondering why. Today was one of those days ...

When you rely on others around you to help you out, you find yourself becoming close with people you never would've thought possible. I am a marketer, I get people to buy stuff. In order for me to create compelling email designs for you to buy stuff I need help. I've worked at my job for 3 years and have been working with the same core of freelancers to help me do my job best.

I've never met her in person. We've only chatted briefly on the phone, but yet I talked to her online almost every day. We shared jokes, personal stories and so much more. I never thought I would find someone, a friend, that I've never met and become so close with them. We got the news around lunch that Ruth had passed away, unexpectedly, that morning. I would have never thought I would be so affected by someone's passing that I've never met.

I've had plenty of people pass away in my life, so this isn't new to me. The problem is that I never had to learn how to deal with their deaths. Maybe this happened to teach me something, maybe I needed this in my life to learn how to deal with death. To learn how to grieve, to grow as a person. Here's to making tomorrow a better day because you just never know what life will throw your way.

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