Tuesday, February 14, 2012

House stuff

I didn't work on A's desk this weekend, instead I did house stuff. After almost 2 years of living in our house we finally organized and semi-decorated our master bedroom. We also tackled the guest/sewing/weight lifting room and got everything in its place. I feel good, I feel like we have a real home. I say that, but it's not like I ever thought we didn't have a real home. It's just that now it feels a little more complete. We talked more about redecorating the bathrooms and what changes we wanted to make to the house. I got almost every bit of laundry done in the house (I don't think it's possible to ever have it all done at once) and we got our taxes filed! YEAH us! Too bad most of that money that the government has been hoarding will go to buy a new air conditioner. We did decide we would go out on a special date to our favorite restaurant. It was a productive weekend, nothing too fancy. Just keeping things organized, one room at a time.

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