Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My thrifty find!

Facebook is good for catching up with old friends and connecting with family from a distance but who knew it was good for thrifting too! There's a virtual garage sale group for my city (you should do a search for your town!) and people post their unwanted items in albums and people can make arrangements to buy things. You can be a member of the group as a buyer, a seller or both. I've probably made $50 from selling stuff that was sitting around my house, but it was too cold for garage sale season. I came across a vintage school desk for only $5. I had to have it! It would look perfect in A's room once I worked my magic on it. Here's the before pictures ...
A lovely shade of off-white and the shiney wooden top. I knew it had potential!

I picked up a can of bright pink paint from Lowes. Hello clearance rack ... priced at ONLY $2.99!
Then we got to work paintng. Since this was a desk for A, she naturally wanted to help. She's not too bad, a little practice and she'll be on her way!
Next I added two coats of chalkboard paint to the top and let it dry. A kept asking when it would be dry. When could she draw on it, when could we put it in her room. Here's the final results ...
And here's how it looks in her lovely purple Dora room. (I have a feeling Dora will be uncool very soon, good thing I thought ahead and bought sticky wall decals to decorate!)

She's so proud of her new desk!


  1. That is so awesome. What a great score! I'll have to check out a FB group for my area.

  2. Sooo cute and I love the pink. Great find!


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