Monday, June 20, 2011

Just keep running

Every Sunday night I run. It's not a lot, but at least I've committed to one day a week. I'm excited for September to do the 4 mile race -- my goal is to run at least 3.5 miles of that time. I can run 2 miles so hopefully in the next 3 months I can get better. Maybe as the race gets closer I'll set a time goal for myself. Right now I run about a 12 minute mile which isn't very fast, but I run the whole thing so that makes me proud. I always hated running as a kid ... I was the rebel in high school that would walk the mile because I didn't want to run or just complain the whole time. I made fun of the cross country runners because they liked to run, I thought "who would want to run?!" I take back everything I said about runners because now I want to be one. It's a chunk of "me" time in the week; I get to be outside and take time to reflect upon the week. It's peaceful to run by the lake and see the families playing in their yards. I feel like a better person when I'm done. The stress has gone, the arguments of the week fade away ... I feel renewed.

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