Monday, June 13, 2011

Camping {take 2}

Yes, we did it again. We went camping this past weekend. Somehow I just realized that I never blogged about our first camping adventure, so here is a quick summary.

Our first camping trip...
  • The break line went out on the truck while my DH was hauling the camper. He spent 4 hours trying to get it fixed.
  • The campground was muddy from all the rain we've had, so our first campsite was very muddy and the camper was tilting. Bad enough that A kept saying "Mommy our house is falling!"
  • Saturday we moved our camper to higher/drier grounds. We had lunch and tons of fun being outside. But then Saturday late afternoon came with the rain. Yes, more rain.
  • It wouldn't stop raining. It poured all night. The ground was even more muddy and full of puddles. We were sick and tired of the rain.
  • Sunday was nice until after lunch. The sky darkened and the tornado sirens started blaring. We decided to pack up and get out of there.
So ... not a glamorous first camping trip, but we had fun none the less. Which brings me back to this past weekend and camping trip number two. Friday night didn't start very well since it was pouring down rain while we were trying to hook up the camper. By the time we got to the campsite the sun was shinning and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend. We swam in the pond, played at the playground and cooked over the campfire. It was a perfect weekend!

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