Monday, October 12, 2015

Meal Plan Week #41

Another week, another meal plan. Nothing too crazy happening this week that I need to make the meal plan work around so we picked some delicious sounding meals for the week.

MONDAY: Ham & Corn Casserole
This is a slow cooker meal that I came across in a new cookbook. I've had leftover cubed ham in the freezer for awhile, so I'm happy to find a new recipe to use it up!

We picked up some tomatoes and onion at the farmer's stand down from our house when we were picking out pumpkins this weekend so I'm going to make some salsa to go along with our nachos.

WEDNESDAY: Stuffed Shells
I'm going to make these up on Sunday in double batch so that I can freeze one for later.

THURSDAY: Breakfast
I normally make a big breakfast on either Saturday or Sunday. I didn't do that this week so I'll make it up for it by doing it for dinner.

FRIDAY: Chicken Kebabs w/ Corn on the Cob
Awhile back I got a really good deal on corn on the cob so I froze a bunch. J was asking for corn this week, so we can pull a pack out of the freezer for dinner. And I'm all about the last chance to use the grill for the year :)

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  1. I was just telling my husband he should make us all a nice breakfast once a week on the weekend. He is SO good at this... haha, we will see if he does. :) I love your stuffed shell recipe!



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