Friday, October 9, 2015

Currently #6

loving. my new white board to keep track of our meal plan each week
smelling. the flowers that my husband had sent to my work out of the blue one day
writing. all the events that are happening this month on the calendar - so busy!
reading. magazines and books on my Kindle
watching. Halloween movies, every last one of them!
craving. a trip to the pumpkin patch & apple orchid that we visited last year
obsessing. over Halloween decor, the spookier the better!
wishing. for a cleaning fairy to visit my house every time I go to work
needing. a date night with my husband
wanting. a manicure & pedicure - they just make me feel so much better
trying. to spend more time having 1 on 1 time with my kids
eating. apple dumplings
drinking. all the coffee, all the time
feeling. positive
hoping. J's Halloween costume arrives before Halloween
clicking. on new Pinterest recipes for fall

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