Monday, November 3, 2014

Goals & Planning

I decided to set a few goals for October. I successfully hit 2 of the 3 goals. See this is why I don't set more than 3 - because 2 of 3 is good. 2 out of 5, not so much.
Goal 1: Meal planning - I nailed this! Check out this and this and this if you are looking for some ideas or to see what we ate. Also check out the bottom of this post for what we are eating this week.
Goal 2: Get active - I give myself 1.5 stars. We did a 3 hour hiking adventure this month but that's about it for getting active. There may have been a bike ride in there as well but for the most part - well let's not talk about it.
Goal 3: Read more - I'm on it! I finished The Interestings - I wasn't ultra impressed with this one, but I pushed myself to finish it. I also just started The Vactioners. We also made a trip to the library where I encouraged A to pick out some "good fit books" that were more geared toward her reading level.
That brings us to November. What do I want to accomplish this month?
1. Save it, don't spend it: Black Friday shopping happens this month and there are some big items on the list this year. So until shopping day I'm putting myself on a stricter spending budget. 
2. Start a cleaning schedule: Keeping the house clean is my least favorite task. I'm sorry if that offends anyone. I don't like dirt, but I sure hate cleaning dirt. I want to implement a cleaning schedule for the whole family so nobody is stuck doing it all and everyone has to help out.
3. Take time to have fun: I think when things get so busy we forget to just relax and spend a lazy Sunday doing nothing but playing games or watching movies. I want to make sure I carve out some time each week for having fun.

I'm happy to say we are continuing with meal planning. This week's options were all proposed directly from each family member - so nobody will be unhappy all week long :)

MONDAY, November 3: 
Meatloaf and Green Beans - During the week I tend to do meatloaf in a cupcake pan so it cooks in a fraction of the time as a loaf would. And you get more crispy edges (my favorite!).

TUESDAY, November 4:

WEDNESDAY, November 5:
Pizza Pasta Bake - The girls have swimming tonight, but since I leave work early I can prep everything before swimming and heat it in the crock pot while we are gone.

THURSDAY, November 6: 
Grilled Cheese and Chili - This is the perfect fall meal. Even though the girls will pick out the beans in the chili, they are still big grilled cheese fans so everyone wins!

FRIDAY, November 7:
Mom's Night Off - Dinner Out! This completely contradicts my first goal of the month but my husband suggested it since we've been saving so much money with meal planning. 

So tell me ... what are you goals, what are you eating or what are you doing this month?

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  1. I really need to start setting some monthly goals for myself. I really only had one goal last month and it was to clean the garage out, this month I would really like to makeover my daughters bedroom. I love reading your meal plan each week, I have never tried chili with grilled cheese... that sounds like a good swap out for cornbread, tho! I also think your pizza pasta bake sounds AMAZING and the muffin sized meatloaves sound yummy and easy, too!


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