Monday, November 10, 2014

On the table this week

Well we made it through another week which included 1 sick child - of course that leads to this week which includes 1 more sick child. If I get sick, I'm gonna be angry! I hate being sick. But our dinners won't suffer because we have a meal plan!

MONDAY, November 10:
Tater-Topped Casserole - This is a family favorite and I haven't made it for awhile. Tater tots were on sale a few weeks back so I knew I had to make this one!

TUESDAY, November 11:
Chicken Tortilla Stew - I pinned this one awhile back and thought we'd try it out for our normal Taco Tuesday adventure.

WEDNESDAY, November 12:
Spaghetti - This was a special request from the kids. They love spaghetti and it will be easy to throw together since Wednesdays are swim lesson nights.

THURSDAY, November 13:
Make Your Own Wraps with Veggies & Chips - I need a night off, so I'll lay everything out and everyone can assemble their own wraps with veggies and chips on the side. Quick and easy and nobody can complain because they made their own :)

FRIDAY, November 14:
Ham & Cheese Braid - Here's another one I pinned awhile back as a freezer meal idea, but I thought we'd try it first and then we can make a freezer version later if it is a winner.

What are you eating this week?


  1. The make your own wraps with veggie and chips sounds so easy and yummy, too!

  2. Love the do it yourself option!


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