Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This past weekend we had a long weekend (5 days) and went down to Nashville, TN to meet up with my Dad and step-mom. It was nice to get away and enjoy a little vacation without a lot of hassle. I only took a few photos with my phone and shared them via Instagram. Here's how it all went down ...
I started out trying to eat healthy on the trip. I brought along oatmeal for the way down while my DH and kids ate donuts. Needless to say my healthy eating didn't continue :( 
Our first stop for lunch was Taco Mamacita. DH and I had eaten here when we went to S.C. and what do you know, the original location is in Nashville! We loaded up on nachos and mango salsa. And yes we did come back later in the week :)
We visited the Parthenon and I swear we took kids with us on this trip but you don't see them because they were busy taking this picture of us
We did some shopping and walking around in the rain in downtown Nashville. This candy shop had everything imaginable. The candy went on forever!
We ended up with some of these. The Japanese know how to do simple candy. These are yummy!
We visited the zoo on Sunday. There were so many flamingos. We also made stops at the science center and art museum but I have no pictures from there. We were too busy having fun. I highly recommend the science center -- the kids had a blast!
My step-mom told me about this app Waze that let's you know about road conditions, cops in the area, etc. We decided to have a little fun with the people traveling around us on the way home so we posted a caution for an elephant stampede. hehe
So that's pretty much it. We saw the amazing fireworks show and ate some great food. I'm ready to get back on track with my eating! And best news of all is that I didn't have to suffer through a normal Monday work day :)


  1. mmm I LOVE pockies. I used to eat them all the time growing up.
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  2. oh i love nashville!!! i need to go back!!

  3. Pockies are the best! When I lived in Korea they have a holiday on 11/11 just for those chocolate sticks!

  4. How fun! It looks like you had a blast! I love the picture of the flamingos!

  5. Pretty Pictures!

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