Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lack of DIY in my life

I haven't been very crafty lately. And this makes me sad. Very sad. I'm itching to make another quilt  -- remember my first quilt? But that's going to take a lot of time and fabric. But there are so many cute things I want to try. I think I'm going to make J a bed quilt. She doesn't have a big comforter, she just sleeps with her little blanket that she carries around. I love this idea, you could do it with layer cakes too which I think I already have.
I also want to make some pillowcases. I mean how cute would these be?! They would be awesome gifts for kids too. Package it up with stuff for a movie night (popcorn, candy and a movie). 
I need this creativity in my life. It makes me feel sane. Even if my craftiness is a total fail at least I had fun. Ok so I don't want it to be a fail because then I would've wasted time and money on a project, but you know where I'm going with this. I also miss scrapbooking. A lot. I have tons of papers stacked up and photos ready to be laid out (and even more that still need printed, hey Shutterfly how bout a big sale for your girl?). I really hope that my girls appreciate the things I do make for them and the time I put into their scrapbooks. I really want them to keep them forever. Here's a few page layouts I've come across that I can't wait to try!
What makes you happy? Are you missing out on something in your life? What inspires you? Dear Me, please get crafty soon. Thanks, my sanity

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  1. Such cute pillowcases! I'm always looking for more pillowcases, so I would make those first.


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