Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School -- What's for lunch?

I can't believe A goes back to school in two weeks! Where has this summer gone? And who said I was allowed to have a first grader?! Part of going back to school means lunchtime. Whenever possible A eats lunch at school. If she truly doesn't like something (I make her try everything once during the year) or can't eat it (too much cheese) then she packs her lunch. I figure $1.60 per lunch at school is worth it. I realize some kids are much more picky than she is so finding new things to pack for lunch can be a challenge. And let's face it, I could use a few ideas for packing my lunch too. And I'm certainly not one of those moms with time to make up the fancy bento lunches with cut out cheese shapes. I'm looking to keep it simple.
A on her first day of Kindergarten, gosh she looks so tiny! And to think, I thought she looked so big at the time!
I've slowly been collecting lunch ideas on Pinterest but never really looked at them because they were grouped with all my other recipes to try. I decided to move them all into a Brown Baggin' It board so I could easily refer to these ideas. (Is it just me or is part of the fun of pinning things creating fun board names?) 
Here's one of A's favorite things to do. Every kid loves the Lunchables, but the sodium and portion size for the price is always a little out of whack for me. We make our own! The meat was always the tricky part for me because how to make nice little pieces? Enter the minis!
These minis from Land O' Frost are perfect. They have ham and turkey and work wonders for making your own lunchables. Pair them with your child's favorite cheese and throw in some crackers and you have your "main course". We also like to throw in some cucumber slices to make her cracker sandwiches even bigger! Add a side of fruit (grapes or a Cutie are perfect) and something to drink (we usually do water or she can buy a milk from school) and you are all set! I have to say, I've even made my own little snack using these minis and they are great. Here are a few other ideas I've rounded up!
{see the pin}
{see the pin}
{see the pin}
What are some of your go-to lunch items when brown baggin' it?

*By the way, I wasn't paid in any sort of way to mention the minis. They came out a few months back and we've been buying them ever since. But hey, Land O' Frost people, if you are reading, call me! I'd love some free minis :)

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