Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chocolate ... yes please!

I may have mentioned it before but if not I love chocolate! Seriously, I have to consume it at least once a day in order to stay sane. I can't turn it down, well unless it's gross chocolate. I'm kind of a chocolate snob. I like the good stuff, not that crappy valentine's day stuff that they crank out just to make a few bucks. I want the good, dark chocolate, amazingly delicious stuff. (See what I mean, I kind of am obsessed like chocolate) So when the good people at Ghirardelli wanted me to try some of their chocolate I couldn't say no!

Look at all the chocolatey goodness waiting for me!
Of course I went straight for the dark chocolate! 
86% is a bit high for me, but it was still good. Most people I know don't like anything over 60% cacao, but I can usually enjoy anything from 70-80%, but still this one was on the edge for me. Some of the other dark chocolate contained raspberry filling, salted caramel and other yummy flavors. The raspberry was a bit artificial tasting to me, but it was still enjoyable.
I decided to save the rest of my dark chocolate for a stressful day and move on to the milk chocolate. I'm not a huge milk chocolate fan. Just not enough chocolate taste, but I have to say I was impressed with some of the milk chocolate variations (like the salted caramel). 

Whether you are a dark chocolate girl like me or a milk chocolate lover ... Ghirardelli has you covered!

*I was not paid for my review. I was provided the chocolate that I ate and no I didn't share any. Sorry! My blog will profit from links contained in this post if you choose to make a purchase. Trust me, it's a good investment!

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