Monday, April 30, 2012

Bathroom re-do

We had to stop by Lowe's over the weekend and pick up more toilet guts (a flapper and other parts) for the downstairs bathroom. We've been discussing re-doing the bathrooms since we bought the house. I HATE the upstairs bathroom, but it's the only shower so I'm kinda afraid to start demo work in there. DH doesn't mind the upstairs bathroom but HATES the downstairs bathroom. So it looks like we might start downstairs. We started by looking at vanities, because I admit that ours is U-G-L-Y! Here were our two favorite options
Like the style, not much storage
More storage space and the one I saw had a white top
We briefly checked out flooring, but were very disappointed in the selection. We have to decide if we want to install ourselves (peel and stick tiles) or if we want to have someone else install (roll of vinyl). That's still up for discussion. 

As we wandered around deciding what else we needed, I found a cute mat to put in the bathroom (which is also the laundry area).
I've decided this is my inspiration for the room. Dark vanity with blue/aqua and green accents. DH isn't sure about it yet, but I know I'll convince him! I also found a mirror that matches the Euro styled vanity (#1 above).
Nothing fancy, but it matches the vanity
Let's hope we can get this project accomplished before the summer is over!

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