Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do you...

... take pictures of yourself? Or have someone else take them for you? I'm almost always behind the camera so my kids will probably think they grew up with no Mom because there are about zero pictures of us together. My DH is an even worse photographer than I am so it's pretty much out of the question to ask him to take my picture with the girls. I feel awkward ... is my hair a mess? is my smile weird? do I look completely crazy? do I even have matching clothes on? Most of the other blogs I read are filled with wonderful shots of the blogger, even if the photos are super glamorous.
I decided while we were visiting the Children's Museum last weekend to try and include my self in the photos. Well it didn't work very well since I'm the one taking the pictures ... I can't believe I'm even going to post these.
One foot

Two feet
Well at least it's easy to take a picture of my feet! 
Self portrait
Just pretend the split in the mirror doesn't go through my body!

Luckily my DH's aunt is very handy with the camera and she captured a couple good pictures of me and my girls over the weekend.
Mommy & J  under the number arch
Mommy & A crafting together

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