Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've been working on my canvas art projects this past week. Unfortunately, the way I wanted to do them didn't quite turn out as I expected.
The letters peeled off some of the magazine pieces and also peeled off the paint in the holes where it should've stayed like "P" and "A". I think it was a combination of issues, so I decided this process wasn't for me.

I decided to do the reverse route and place the letters on the white canvas, paint over the top and then peel off the letters. That worked much better! I experimented with the type of paint I used (well that A used) and decided that I kinda like both options. First we used finger paints ...
Then we tried some basic craft paint ...
The craft paint left crisper letters once it was peeled off, but I don't hate the look of the finger paint. DH weighed in and voted on the finger paint and of course this was A's favorite too. I think we will make some of both for Christmas presents. I have the "Family" and "Love" versions done (and the not so great "Play" version), now my problem is thinking of other words to put on to make each gift unique. Other possibilities at this point are "Learn", "Believe", "Joy" .... and I need to think of more. Ideas?

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