Friday, February 25, 2011


I feel like I'm running a marathon! I haven't stopped since I got started last Friday. Friday I rushed home from work to pick up A who was very sick. Saturday and Sunday were spent taking care of kids, doing laundry and attempting to keep the house full of food. Monday was super busy at work and by the time Tuesday rolled around it felt like Thursday. Tuesday I had to leave work and take J to the doctor for her goopy eye. Turns out her nose is so backed up with snot that it is pushing up through her tear ducts (EWW!) and there is nothing they can do. Great, waste of $20 and I had to leave work early. Wednesday wasn't any better. I had more craziness at work and then I rushed to go get my taxes done (because I just didn't have the patience to figure it out myself this year). I was so happy to be home on that night, but I got the pleasure of working for about an hour to help catch up. Now today is Thursday. I have at least 10 unfinished, unstarted, uncompleted projects that need wrapped up by Friday and I'm starting to get sick. Great! Just in time for J's birthday party on Saturday. On top of everything they are calling for a big snow storm tonight. So tonight I will be cleaning the house for the party (my least favorite wifey duty). Friday night brings a meeting with the Realtor to sell the Elyetta house. Oh and I can't forget to pick up cupcake mix tonight so I can make cupcakes Friday after the meeting. Saturday begins the birthday preparations since we are expecting about 30 family and friends at our house. Oh what a week this has been. I think Sunday I'll just lay in bed and not move because by then I'll be exhausted and probably sick. I wouldn't expect anything else because it's my life!

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