Thursday, February 17, 2011

But this morning was different ...

I enjoy my quiet mornings. I wake up when my DH walks out the door. I eat my breakfast while I watch my DVR'd shows from the night before (or a few days before) then I get dressed and wake up the kids. It is quiet and peaceful and as close to it gets as "me" time. Well this morning I had an intruder a visitor during quiet time. A decided to wake up when my DH got up (5:15 a.m.!). I convinced her to stay in bed until 5:30 when I got up, but then she followed me downstairs. She then wanted some juice which I poured into the "wrong" cup. (Meltdown #1). I poured her a small bowl of cereal and told her she could sit on the couch with me. (Meltdown #2) A didn't want a small bowl she wanted a big bowl with milk. I finally got the cereal and the juice straightened out and she sat down to eat. Two meltdowns before 5:45 is WAY too many for me. I sat there frustrated, grumpy and tired watching Top Chef, eating my cereal. 
Tomorrow morning will be much better. I get to sleep until 6 and there is no quiet time. I was happy to get to spend the extra time with A this morning, but I sure do miss my quiet mornings. Someday when she has kids, she will understand too. Until then I will keep on hoping for quiet mornings because it's my life and that's how I like it!

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