Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day! I'm not big into the give a gift or do something romantic because it's Valentine's Day. Just to know that my DH and my children love me is enough for me. This year we aren't exchanging presents, having a fancy dinner or doing anything special. It's just like any other Monday, but somehow all the love floating around makes me a little happier. Today's post is dedicated to some Valentine's Day Fun Facts (because I'm just that dorky), so let's begin:

  • Roman husbands kissed their wives when they came home from work, not as an ancient version of "Hi, honey; I'm home" but rather to determine whether the missus had been hitting the bottle during the day. (I know some people that would be caught by this, hehe)
  • In 1763, kissing is first symbolized by the letter x, as in xoxo.
  • In 1907 the Hershey Kiss was invented.  It's rumored that the candy was named after the sound the machine made as it dropped the chocolate onto the conveyor belt. (I don't care how they got their name, they are just delicious!)
  • Prince Charming awakens Snow White with a kiss in 1937
  • In 1990 Alfred Wolfram kissed 8,001 people in eight hours (that's more than 16 people a minute!) at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. (Eww, germs!)
  • In 2004 a couple in Italy, Andrea Sarti and Anna Chen, set the record on Valentine's Day after locking lips for 31 hours, 18 minutes, and 33 seconds. They beat the record held by Americans Rich Langley and Louisa Almedovar, who kissed for 30 hours and 59 minutes in 2001. Andrea required oxygen treatment after the kiss. (Don't these people have to pee or eat? And wouldn't you lose a lot of spit during this process? Dehydration would also be an issue!)
Have a wonderful Monday, I know I will because it's my life!

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