Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meal Plan #4

What the world has happened the past week? I've been down for the count with some sort of virus that doesn't want me to get well. I'm finally back to the office for my first full day since last Tuesday. So the meal plan for last week ... didn't really happen. The meal plan for this week ... doesn't really exist. I took my Grandma-paced self to the store last night and picked up a few items to help us get through this week. So here's our abbreviated 3 day meal plan :)

WEDENSDAY: Deli Sandwiches, Potato Salad and Fruit
The crock pot was even too much for this week's swim night. Throw your meat and cheese on some bread and call it a meal!

THURSDAY: Corn & Chile Flautas
I never made these last week and we still have everything we need to make them so let's try this again!

FRIDAY: Breakfast
I picked up some eggs so we can do breakfast this week for dinner. 

Here's to a better next week!

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