Thursday, January 7, 2016

Currently #8

loving. my family, they are pretty awesome
smelling. not much of anything, our sinus issues this winter have been crazy!
writing. meal plans, they keep me sane during the work week
reading. Faithful Place - I'm working on my goal of 30 books this year!
watching. the girls at swim lessons - they are like little fish :)
craving. caffeine, I'm hopelessly addicted
obsessing. over accessories - for some reason I want to wear them all lately
wishing. for more hours in the day
needing. to plan our vacations for the year - our big 10 year anniversary trip needs a destination!
wanting. a date night or two this month
trying. to implement chores each week for the girls, it's a struggle
eating. all the Cuties, I'll be sad when they are out of season
drinking. not nearly enough water - gosh it's hard!
feeling. positive
hoping. 60* weather we had comes back very soon
clicking. through IG, so many pretty pictures

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