Thursday, June 18, 2015

Currently #2

loving. watching my girls run around outside, summer is such a carefree time
smelling. flowers from the store, maybe it's time I treat myself to a bunch for the house
writing. lists, there's so much to keep track of this month
reading. over vacation I finished The Fault in Our Stars and am looking for my next book
watching. Orange Is The New Black, so happy it's back!
craving. more free time to take adventures with the family
obsessing. over fresh fruits and veggies, time to hit up the farmer's market!
wishing. I had a maid service
needing. to allergy-proof our home for A, the results from her testing weren't good :(
wanting. to spend a day at the spa
trying. to get ready for our garage sale on Friday and Saturday
eating. fruit salad, I love to play with mixing fruits for different and fun combinations
drinking. flavored teas, I can't stand plain iced tea but add some raspberry or peach and I'm in!
feeling. tired, after getting sick I just can't rebound so quickly
hoping. J will be ready to start Kindergarten in August, she's a little spitfire and will give her teacher a run for her money:)
clicking. through Instagram, I love all the pretty photos even if they are staged


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  2. LOVE your list!!
    I love fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market too!!!

    Thank you sooo much for joining my link up last week, Sorry for commenting so late! Thanks again & I Love hearing what you are up to!
    Choose Happy XOXO Becky


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