Thursday, May 21, 2015

Currently #1

loving. time spent outdoors - we did our first hike of the year which was awesome
smelling. not much of anything - my allergies are in full attack mode which leaves me with a stuffy/runny nose most days
writing. meal plans to keep us all on track
reading. Lena Dunham's book, Not That Kind of Girl - loving it so far!
watching. we just finished the Sons of Anarchy series on Netflix so we'll start something new soon. suggestions?
craving. chocolate - always ... and probably forever
obsessing. over nail polish colors, I paint my nails every couple of days - give me all the colors!
wishing. my vacation started tomorrow
needing. new shorts before I pack for vacation - I need some cute ones
wanting. another tattoo - maybe for my birthday
trying. to keep up my motivation to get fit.
eating. all the fruit, all the time - especially in my smoothies
drinking. lemon water, the health benefits are awesome
feeling. proud for losing 10 lbs before our trip
hoping. for good results at the allergist today for A
clicking. through Pinterest like it's my job

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