Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A new look

I've never been too fussy over my hair. It's just hair and it will grow back. It's been every natural color plus some unnatural ones as well. (Yes as scary as it sounds I was blonde in middle school and no I won't share pictures) I got a coupon from Vocalpoint for a free box of temporary (only lasts 28 days/washes) of hair color. Not being afraid of trying something new I said, why not!
I picked out a box of Dark Warm Brown, which is actually much darker than my natural color. Then I went to work!
Start to finish this is how it turned out. Light/medium brown hair to start ... a gooey mess on my head ... turned into a dark brown ... my smiling face to say I'm happy with the results. This would be a great solution for first time hair-colorer (is that a word??). The thing I liked the best is on the back of the instructions is a chart that tells you what permanent box number/color to use if you like the results from the temporary hair color. I feel like I'm more ready for fall with my dark hair. But you won't find me wishing for winter any time soon or ever.

*I was given a free box of hair color from Vocalpoint, but all opinions posted are my own. If you haven't signed up on Vocalpoint I recommend it. You get coupons and product samples to try out. Go check it out here.

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