Friday, July 15, 2011

Bad Idea!

I had a very bad idea last night. I decided after dinner and giving the girls a bath that I would go running. It was only 80* out so I figured I better get it in now. The forecast for the weekend and all next week is well into the 90s every day so I thought "it's now or never!". I got ready and went out the door to run. I decided to try and step up my game and go for 3 miles last night. (Previously I've only done 2 1/4 miles, so this was a big leap!) I got to the 1 mile mark and realized. I didn't bring anything to drink. No water for the next 2 miles ... great! Around mile 2 I started getting VERY tired and realized I was in danger of becoming dehydrated if I didn't slow down. I finished my 3 mile run/walk in about 40 minutes. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm happy that I made it the 3 miles (remember my goal is to run the 4 mile race in September), but I learned a very important lesson ... if I'm going over 2 miles I MUST TAKE A WATER BOTTLE!

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