Friday, May 20, 2011

A camping we will go ...

On Wednesday we bought a camper. Yep, a camper. A big, huge, pull behind the truck camper. This family is going to be a camping family. Of course my DH is SUPER excited and A is excited as well. I haven't quite figured out how well this is going to work with J toddling around, but it will be an adventure that's for sure!
Here's the photo of our home away from home. It needs a good cleaning on the outside, but inside is almost brand new. I'm excited about the new purchase and hope that my girls will grow up with fond memories of camping with the family. I don't really remember anything that my family use to do together, so I hope this will make a lasting impression on them. My goal for this weekend is to start stocking up the inside with garage sale finds so we will be ready to go next weekend. Let the adventures begin!

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