Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Currently #5

loving. our trip to Niagara Falls over the long weekend
smelling. all the fall apple recipes
writing. meal plans, grocery lists, to do lists
reading. The Rosie Effect is waiting for me to crack it open
watching. all the food documentaries on Netflix
craving. new adventures
obsessing. over the new tattoo I got
wishing. that summer would stick around a little longer
needing. to drink more water
wanting. wedge booties for fall
trying. to find ideas for the 3rd grade class Halloween party - I'm the co-head room mom :)
eating. popcorn - put the kernels in a paper bag and pop in the microwave. No oil and oh so easy!
drinking. Diet Coke, again ... I can't help it.
feeling. tired, I need to get to bed earlier
hoping. my allergies remain under control this fall
clicking. through all the blog posts - there are still ladies out there writing some good stuff these days!

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  1. I spent most of Monday trying out some new apple recipes! I can't wait to share two of them on the blog this month. I try to stick to water all week, but with the PSL out, it has been hard!



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