Friday, January 28, 2011


Fridays seem like never ending days. I am always super busy at work and have a whole to-do list when I get home. This Friday is no different. A couple of meetings, plus a few other deadlines at work. Luckily, the DH on his way to check out the dirt bike (this one is $100 cheaper!) stopped to have lunch with me. It was a nice break to my usual Friday routine.

Tonight is girls night. Too bad it isn't with grown up girls (I'm missing the Pampered Chef party at my sister's house), but it is with my 2 little girls. We are having a pizza party (ok so we are just eating pizza but it sounds better to say it's a pizza party) and then we are painting our fingernails. Being girly, just me and my girls. So that's my plan for Friday ... stay at home with my kids instead of going out with the grown up girls but that's ok because it's my life.

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