Monday, June 16, 2014

Race Ready #InASnap

I completed my first timed race of the year a couple weeks ago, boy am I out of shape! I was slow, like really slow. I need to step up my game but I just can't get the weather to cooperate. It's either raining or scorching hot outside, I can't seem to get a nice day for running. 

As I was getting ready for this race (why do they have to start so dang early?!) I look down to realize that the night before I missed a section of my legs while shaving. I couldn't possible run looking like that so my Gillette Venus Snap came to the rescue!
This super cute little razor from Gillette is amazing! I love the carrying case (which has ventilation holes in the back). Don't think this is your standard disposable razor, this little gal will get the job done just as well as the full size version. I can't wait for my next vacation, this will be in my bag for sure! 

Now all I need is some good running weather and I'll knock my next race out of the park!

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  1. I hate when I miss a spot when shaving! Grr! That shaver is so cute!


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