Monday, October 3, 2016

Meal Plan #40

Meal planning is hard when all you want to do is decorate your house for Halloween. I'm excited to pick up some new pieces for our new house. I have so much more to decorate now - sorry bank account. But the good news about the cooler weather is that all the stews, soups and chili's are calling my name! Me and the crock pot are about to make some quality meals. :)

MONDAY: Salad & Potato Bar
Our favorite meat free meal

TUESDAY: Crock Pot Enchilada Tacos
It's National Taco Day! Let's celebrate crock pot style

WEDNESDAY: One Pot Chicken Apple Sausage Pasta
This recipe just screams fall! And the fact it's a one pot recipe makes it already a winner with me.

Breakfast for dinner, you can't go wrong!

FRIDAY: Daddy's Choice
I have a party with some friends after work, so dinner is all up to Daddy tonight!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Meal Plan #39

Another week, another meal plan. I'm keeping it simple this week with quick and easy meals all week long!

MONDAY: Sloppy Joes

TUESDAY: Bean Burritos
This is our meat free meal of the week.

WEDNESDAY: Taco Spaghetti
I made this one pot meal a couple months ago, and my husband proclaimed "never make regular spaghetti again!". I think that means it's a winner.

You're On Your Own - aka leftovers night :)

FRIDAY: Homemade Calzones

Friday, September 23, 2016

5 on Friday

1. It's fall. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. Luckily this week's weather came strong with the feeling of summer so I didn't mind too much.

2. The only thing I love about fall is that all my favorite shows are back. Well except Scandal ... is that because Kerry Washington is preggers and it's too hard to hide? No matter the reason it makes me sad. I'm sure Meredith Grey and Annalise Keating will keep me company.

3. Speaking of sad, my phone died on Thursday morning. I woke up to it constantly restarting itself and being so hot I couldn't even hold it. The good people at Verizon tell me it's hopeless so they are shipping me a new one. Ugh, I hate setting up a new phone.

4. Next week is Wine Night at work. I'm very excited.

5. We are doing a camp out in our backyard this weekend. The girls are beyond excited. I will probably cop out and sleep in my bed, but it will still be fun :)

Have a Happy Friday and a fun filled weekend!